Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Chit Chat": Alaa Balkhy

Who is Alaa Balkhy?
A Graphic designer by major a blogger/illustrator by experience.

Usually local designers are more into fashion clothes why Fyunka chose bags?
I wanted something that could be worn daily and more durable than clothing.

Who were your main supporters to launch Fyunka? 
! My Parents of Course and the talented Nada Hakeem Fashion Photographer 

What is your wardrobe favorite item? 
White tops whatever they are look good on anything 

I'm Very Curious to know your plans for 2012 ! 
 At the moment I'm heading Dubai to participate in puma's creative factory after that I'm heading kuwait for a charity event, going back to jeddah and hopefully moving to new york in june

Finally whats your advice to the new local designers?
 Design for yourself that way you'll know what target audience will want !

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