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"Chit Chat": Zubaida Jacob 

Hello August !
 I'm glad to introduce you to our Month Fashionista.One of my favorite Dubai based Bloggers "Zubaida Jacob" AKA Butter Hot Shoes !!
Velvet blazer by The Puppet ShowAmerican Apparel pants, Vintage Chanel purse, Christian Louboutin pumps.
Who is Zubaida Jacob? 

22 Iraqi Fashion Blogger and student of Dental Surgery living in Dubai.

Describe what fashion means to you.. 

Fashion is like breathing to me, and I don't mean this in a dramatic way; but we need fashion every day to present ourselves in a certain manner other wise we will not survive.

What is the one to-go fashion piece that completes your overall look? 

A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, whatever color how ever high.

 Who is your wardrobe favorite item? 

Right now, L'wren Scott yellow pencil skirt.

 What are your hopes for the future? 

I have so many hopes but mainly for my blog I want it to be bigger and more successful, for myself I want to do my job well as a Dentist and I want to be a good role model for Doctor women who love fashion as well.

Attah by Hessa dress, Vintage Chanel purse & earrings.

L'wren Scott skirt, ASOS lace top, Celine purse, Valentino shoes, Yves Saint Laurent ring.
roselle abaya

"Chit Chat": Keswah

what is Keswah? 

A team of three Emarati girls have joined forces to create their own
fashion label in contemporary jalabyah called Keswah. Keswah is our brand
name, كسوة in Arabic it means clothing.  It
aims to provide a new concept into our every day dresses with easy ready to
wear, comfortable and definitely elegant.  Spring/Summer 2011 is their
first collection.

How did you start this business?and who inspires you?

We've been always inspired by the cat walk trends, but mostly our chic
mothers, aunts and relatives. Some times when we design a piece it's
related to someone who wore something similar to it in the past or a family
picture we have seen. 
But what have motivated us to start this business is the awakening of the
fashion scene in the region, we think the GCC are becoming more and more
interesting in fashion.

How did you discover this talent? 
It's been always there, but now we turned this talent into a job which is
very exciting. 

Your prices based on what? Where can we find your designs?
Our prices are based on our fabric prices and over head costs, 90% of our
fabrics are Italian fabrics that we truly believe are worth the money spent
on. Our prices Range from 650 - 2000 AED. 
Keswah is available online on keswah website shop, also available in Edge
boutique in Kuwait. Soon will be available in a Boutique in UAE, we'll
reveal the news once they hit the store.  

At last, what would you like to say to our fashionistas and new designers?

Whatever you decide to pursue in life, hard work is the secret to it. There
is no other secret or magic formula, challenges will always arise you just
have to be persistence and patient. 

Thank you !!
To shop :

Check out this cute Video-  (behind the scenes) "Summer 2012 Collection  !

"Chit Chat": The Ahlis

what is The Ahlis? 

TheAhlis is a brand that was set up by us, 2 sisters that carry the name “THEAHLIS”. It is a brand that is simply inspired by vintage glamour and modern trends. We both took fashion courses at London collage of Fashion–which has given us the chance to learn more about Patterns, Colors, and Branding as well as be acquainted on how to set up our own brand.

How did you discover this talent? 

We were grown with this talent. My mother was always designing her own clothes and that’s when we knew that we’ve got the talent of designing. We thank her for giving us this Talent. 

How did you start your business?When did you start?

The idea behind The Ahli emerged as both of us were seeking to create clothes that fits our expectation, and designing has always been something we enjoyed doing and we also believe that ”knowing what to wear and what suits your body is very important” .We started by designing our own clothes and wearing them at events, weddings and gatherings, people showed massive positive response . The idea soon emerged and soon we were  working on our first collection on December 2011.

Your prices based on what? Where can we find your designs?
They are based on our designs and the cost. 
You can now find out designs online”” and Valley-dez. Hopefully in the near future we will be selling in more than one retail stores.

Who is your favorite local and international designers?

My greatest Emirati inspiration is hind Beljafla. Her brand has grown rapidly through the last 5 years and thats our goal Now. As for our international designer we like Chanel. Very elegant and classy. Not to forget Alexander McQueen his clothes compliment the Woman Body. Very Catchy!

At last, what would you like to say to our fashionistas and new designers?

We take the privilege of thanking you all. We wouldn’t have grown without your support. And for our new designers never give up and work hard to reach your goals. 

Thank you 

To see the Collection !!

From the Beach Collection

"Chit Chat": Tala Samman

Jacket by Plastic Island @ NYLA boutique. Dress by H&M. Dannijo necklaceBoots by ASH.

Who is Tala Samman?
A Resident of the world, who loves food, Coffee, her family and Style ! 

Describe yourself in 5 words..
Super Organized , Loves to eat, adore kids, opinionated, large heart

What is your wardrobe favorite item? 
My Biker Jacket.

Who is your Favorite designer? 
 At the moment I'm Loving Kenzo and Carven .

What do you think about local designers ? and what do you advise them?
 There are some great ones out there.. -Be Original, and work hard !! 

At the End My Favorite Part ! Last words for BellePearl
 Great Site !! Xx

Zara skirt. Hush sweater. iphone case by iconemesis

H&M pantsHouse of Harlow 1960 sunnies. Monica for Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in ‘Attractive Monica’

"Chit Chat": Alaa Balkhy

Who is Alaa Balkhy?
A graphic designer by major a blogger/illustrator by experience

Usually local designers are more into fashion clothes Why Fyunka chose Bags?
I wanted something that could be worn daily and more durable than clothing

Who were your main supporters to launch Fyunka ?
my parents of course and The talented Nada Hakeem fashion photographer

Who is your wardrobe favorite item ?
White tops whatever they are they look good on anything!

I'm Very curious to know your plans for 2012 ! 
At the moment I'm heading to Dubai to participate in puma's creative factory after that im heading to kuwait for a charity 
event, going back to jeddah and hopefully moving to new york in June

Finally whats your advice to new local designers?
design for yourself that way you'll know what you target audience will want!

Learn about "Fyunka" More

Alaa Balkhy BLOG

 "Chit Chat" : Nadya Hasan

Exciting My 1st post for  this month! I'm so Glad  that I'm  going to Start this monthly  "Chit Chat" with our dear the stylish & blogger  "
Nadya Hasan"
Thank you N.H!
Top by Zara, Skirt by River Island, Bag by Jasmine Lux, Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Bracelet by CC Skye

Name : Nadya Hasan
Age: 21
Occupation: Student/Blogger

Describe what fashion means to you..
 Fashion to me is a work of art! You cannot miss any detail.. from the hair and makeup to the accessories and details on the clothes itself. 

What is the one to-go fashion piece that completes your overall look?
 I think having the perfect pair of shoes is what completes my overall look.. I mean I kind of base my outfits according to what shoes I am wearing!

Who is your greatest style inspiration ? 
this might sound corny, but my family is! All the women in my family have a really strong sense of style and my sisters and grew up to a very stylish home

When not working, what's your idea of the perfect day?
 Honestly, laying on my bed in my tracksuit eating junk and watching the latest episodes of Gossip Girl and all of my favorite series 

What are your hopes for the future?
 I really hope to be an influential and successful woman in the fashion industry. It is my DREAM

Blouse & Skirt from Zara , Vintage Shoes, CC Skye Bracelet, YSL Arty Ring
Top by Mera, Skirt by Zara, Shoes by YSL, Clutch by Accessories (REAALLY OLD) 

Dress by L'Agence courtesy of MY-Wardrobe, Belt By H&M, Shoes by Camilla Skovgaa
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New Monthly interviews:Belle Pearl "Chit Chat"

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