Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Chit Chat": The Ahlis

what is The Ahlis? 

TheAhlis is a brand that was set up by us, 2 sisters that carry the name “THEAHLIS”. It is a brand that is simply inspired by vintage glamour and modern trends. We both took fashion courses at London collage of Fashion–which has given us the chance to learn more about Patterns, Colors, and Branding as well as be acquainted on how to set up our own brand.

How did you discover this talent? 

We were grown with this talent. My mother was always designing her own clothes and that’s when we knew that we’ve got the talent of designing. We thank her for giving us this Talent. 

How did you start your business?When did you start?

The idea behind The Ahli emerged as both of us were seeking to create clothes that fits our expectation, and designing has always been something we enjoyed doing and we also believe that ”knowing what to wear and what suits your body is very important” .We started by designing our own clothes and wearing them at events, weddings and gatherings, people showed massive positive response . The idea soon emerged and soon we were  working on our first collection on December 2011.

Your prices based on what? Where can we find your designs?
They are based on our designs and the cost. 
You can now find out designs online”” and Valley-dez. Hopefully in the near future we will be selling in more than one retail stores.

Who is your favorite local and international designers?

My greatest Emirati inspiration is hind Beljafla. Her brand has grown rapidly through the last 5 years and thats our goal Now. As for our international designer we like Chanel. Very elegant and classy. Not to forget Alexander McQueen his clothes compliment the Woman Body. Very Catchy!

At last, what would you like to say to our fashionistas and new designers?

We take the privilege of thanking you all. We wouldn’t have grown without your support. And for our new designers never give up and work hard to reach your goals. 

Thank you 

To see the Collection !!

From the Beach Collection

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