Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Chit Chat":Keswah

what is Keswah? 

A Team of three Emarati girls have joined forces to create their own fashion label in contemporary jalabyah called Keswah. Keswah is our brand ,  كسوة , in Arabic it means clothing. It aims to provide a new concept into our every day dresses with eay ready to wear, comfortable and definitely elegant. Spring/Summer 2011 is their first collection.

How did you Start this business?and who inspires you?

The idea we've been inspired by the cat walk trends, but mostly our chic mothers , aunts and relatives. Some times when we design a piece its related to someone who wore something similar to it in the past or a family picture we have seen but what have motivated us to start this business is the awakening of the fashion scene in the region, we think the GCC are becoming more and more interesting in fashion. 

How did you discover this talent?

Its been always there, but now we turned this talent into a job which is very exciting.

Your prices based on what? Where can we find your designs?

Our prices are based on our fabric prices and over head costs 90% of our fabrics are Italian fabrics that we truly believe are worth the money spent on. Our prices range from 650-2000 AED. Keswah is available online on keswah website shop, also available in Edge boutique in Kuwait. Soon will be available in a boutique in UAE , We'll reveal the news once they hit the store.

At last, what would you like to say to our fashionistas and new designers?

There is no other secret or magic formula, challenges will always arise you just have to be persistence and patient. 

Thank you !!

To shop  :

To see the collection: Click here !!

Check out this cute Video-  (behind the scenes) "Summer 2012 Collection  !

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